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Surprise engagements

Surprise engagements  

A Hot Air balloon is a fantastic way to have a surprise engagement. This page will provide some helpful information and guidance about your particular flight.
1. Hot air balloon rides are VERY WEATHER dependent. If you must get engaged on your flight day, please have a backup plan. We will ONLY fly if it is safe, and the flight can get canceled until the time of take-off if it's not safe. PLEASE have a backup plan.

Flight backup options due to weather 

Please Click here to see Backup options if the weather doesn't allow for a flight.


2. Book one of our Romantic Packages if you want to go above and beyond with your engagement. These packages included everything from the private flight to a complete picnic (Picnic Pictures) with a professional photographer (all the photos are included with the package)  

  • If you think your flight partner would get suspicious of a photographer when you show up at our meeting site with the other balloons, we advise that they are here to get updated marketing photos or any other story you would like us to tell.

3. If one of our Romantic Packages is not what you're looking for, booking a private flight is highly recommended to ensure that are just the 2 of you in the balloon. 

4. If the flight is canceled due to bad weather, you can reschedule or receive a FULL refund.

5. PLEASE tell us at the time of booking that you are planning an engagement. We like to make the day as unique as possible, and having this information beforehand allows us to do that. Your pilot will be the only one that knows the engagement is happening, but this allows us to give you additional cues, such as how long is left on the flight, or help you capture that particular moment.

6. When should I pop the question? Always go for the surprise with a few different options up in the air. If you're booking one of the romantic packages, you can have the photographer in the balloon with us to help capture that particular moment.

  • Our romantic package in front of our picnic setup is also a good surprise, especially if you think they are expecting it. You can throw them off by waiting until we return to the picnic. Asking the question before the picnic also makes for a fantastic surprise.

7. You will want to devise a good excuse for why someone must wake up at 5:00 am if they don't know they are going on a balloon ride. (Example sunrise hike, sunrise sightseeing, horseback riding) 

8. Please have sensible shoes. We will be in a field before sunrise, so close-toed shoes are recommended.

9. Please make sure they are going to say YES. Otherwise, it is a long flight not only for you but for your pilot as well.

10. Our flights are around 1hr in length, but you will be with us for 3hr from pickup to drop off back at your car. During the flight, your pilot may tell you how long till we land (See #5 above). 

If you have any other questions, you can text/call 407-900-1003

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