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Air Hound Adventures LLC provides educational demonstrations for students with our Hot Air balloons for groups of 15+ people. We can easily accommodate an entire elementary school. Our events showcase the beauty and science of hot air flying, with the hope of fascinating students and adults alike, generating a deeper appreciation for hot air ballooning and all that goes into our flights. Our programs are written for middle school-age students and below. 


We provide these educational experiences FREE of charge for teachers and students. Corporate events like these are typically priced around $1500/hour for one balloon. This cost includes lodging, crew pay, propane, insurance, etc. Hot Air Ballooning is a unique sport, and our pilots and crew want to inspire the next generation of aviators and balloon pilots and crew with our donation of time, equipment, and expertise. We are a small business, and we are dependent on the weather, so we have decided to reserve our limited resources for donations that will have the most significant community impact. We do not donate flight certificates. If you are a public or private school teacher, or homeschooler, or help educate children in any way, please contact our lead pilot, Max, to discuss the opportunity to have one or two hot air balloons come out to your school or local site. Our company is fully licensed and insured, and we are happy to add your school as a named insured for the duration of the event.


1. Do you have an open area 125’ x 125’ (Yes/No) =
(If not, we can help find one.)

2. What is the address where the event will take place?
3. What Date and Time you would like to host? If this date is canceled for weather, is there a backup date?

(Note: weather in Florida is more stable in the early morning. Summer months may be too hot in the afternoons for balloon inflation.)

4. What grade/age range are your students?

5. How many students will attend?

6. Do you have a lesson plan that you are completing?

(If so, provide us a copy, and we will tie our event into your material.)

7. In case of wind/inclement weather, do you have an indoor space for a smaller demonstration?

8. Are you able to provide 3 adult volunteers? (Each volunteer must be 18 years old and able to kneel and stand repeatedly and lift +50 pounds.)  


We will cover the following topics

  • History of Hot Air Flight

  • The basic science of Hot Air Flight

  • How Air Balloons are Built 

  • The process to become a licensed Pilot

  • How to Fly

  • How the burner works 

  • How the fuel is used 

  • Flyable and non-flyable weather 

  • Walk in the balloon

  • Inflation/deflation

  • Pack up


What We Expect from You:

  • The school/teachers are responsible for the students and ensuring they behave appropriately. Air Hound Adventures will bring the crew to handle the hot air balloon but will not have enough staff to supervise all students. Air Hound Adventures reserves the right to terminate the event at any time for safety concerns. 

  • The school/teachers are responsible for ensuring all proper approval from the school and site is received before we arrive for the event.

Safety Concerns: 

  • No children will leave the ground in the balloon; pictures inside the balloon while on the ground MAY be permitted but are not guaranteed. 

  • We expect the teachers to remain in control of the children and direct them, children, during the event. 

  • If specific children create an unsafe situation, they will be asked to leave. If that cannot be managed, the event will end. 

  • Teachers or other adults in charge MUST be present during the entire event while students are present. 

The Whole Process

  • AirHound Adventures LLC will bring a hot air balloon basket and fabric envelope. This will be transported in an enclosed trailer that must drive on the intended field. 

  • We will have our pilot and crew (2-3 people) for setting up the balloon. From the time we get the balloon out of the trailer to the time we are ready to inflate is about 30min. 

  • Once we are ready to inflate, we have the kids gather around the basket so we can talk about the names of the equipment and how it works and let them ask any questions before we start inflating. We love questions! We love balloons, and we are there for the kids.  After all the children/adults have asked their questions, we are ready to start inflating. 

  • The balloon we are bringing is a unique balloon envelope (fabric) that is no longer airworthy (so we will not be able to fly), so we will allow kids to walk in and on the balloon.

  • We will start inflating the balloon using a giant inflation fan. We do this to fill the balloon with cold air. The balloon will be on its side, and then we will let the kids walk in the balloon to see the internal workings and how the fabric and ropes are set up. MOST balloonists would NEVER let someone walk in their balloon. But this is a special envelope we bring out so kids can walk into it. At this point, we take more questions. 

  • It is quite loud because the fan is going to be going the whole time, so anyone that has a sensitivity to noise may want to skip this portion of the demonstration or use ear protection.

  • After we get everyone out of the balloon, we will have everyone step back, and then we will use the fire from the burner to bring the balloon to the standing position.

  • Once we have the balloon secure, we will have the kids gather around the balloon, and our pilot will explain everything and what would happen during a flight. 

  • Once we are finished and take questions, we will have everyone step back, and we will deflate the balloon. This will involve laying the balloon down on its side.

  • Once it is lying down on its side, we must get all the air out. We will permit kids to help us squeeze. 

  • Once all the air is out, we have each person in a line pick up 1 section of the balloon fabric, and we will put it back in the bag. 

  • Depending on the comfort of the school and administration, we can allow the children to get in the basket and squeeze the burner. The fabric envelope is already in the bag, so there is NO possible way for the balloon to take off. 

  • At this point, we ask for any final questions and then release the students back to their teachers. Every part of the demonstration can be customized. If you have any special requests, please let us know beforehand. 



We will continually watch the weather for the 3 days leading up to the balloon demonstration. We will be in contact with the primary person-in-command for the event and the AirHound Adventure LLC pilot will make the final GO/NO-GO decision by 6 PM the night before. Please see weather cancelations for additional details.


Weather Cancelations.

In the event of weather cancellations, we have two options.
1st, We can reschedule 

2nd (High Winds) We can still bring the Balloon basket out but cannot inflate the envelope.
3rd (Rain) If there is rain,
we can bring the balloon basket into the gym and still talk about the balloon and how it works. We are working on additional activities that can be offered.


Events like this usually cost around $3,000 plus travel expenses for 2 – 3 hrs of experiencing a hot air balloon to your school or site. We don’t charge anything. If your school can make any donations towards gas/travel expenses, it will help us to continue to offer these types of school events free of charge. Checks can be made out to AirHound Adventures. We also love unique balloon memorabilia. 


Balloon Operating Conditions.

Hot air balloons can only be operated safely in certain weather conditions.  

  1. AirHound Adventures LLC has sole and absolute discretion to determine whether weather conditions allow for the safe operation of the balloon(s).  AirHound Adventures LLC may cancel the balloon event any time if we determine weather conditions are unsafe.  The balloon(s) will not inflate in winds greater than five (5) miles per hour. The balloon is over 115 feet high, which means the winds up to at least that height need to be less than 5 MPH.

  2. Free-flying Rides.  There shall be NO free-flying rides.  The balloon with be tethered to the ground on a tight tether and will not intentionally take off (leave the ground). 

  3. Assistance by Client.  The client will provide three (3) adult volunteers to assist in the inflation, demonstration, and deflation of the balloon(s).  Each volunteer must be able to kneel and stand repeatedly and lift to 50 pounds.  Volunteers will not be employees or contractors of the Company.  Volunteers must sign liability waivers releasing the Company from any injuries incurred while assisting the Company. If your event cannot provide adult volunteers, please advise us when requesting the event.

  4. Insurance. Please let us know if your school needs this, and AirHound Adventures LLC shall name the Client as an additional insured.

  5. Pricing Structure School Student Events

AirHound Adventures LLC will volunteer all our time equipment personnel and material cost (such as propane.) Our primary pilot was introduced to ballooning at a young age when a pilot came and did a demonstration at his school. We don’t charge for school events because this is our way of supporting the next generation of aviation enthusiasts. If your organization or school wants to support or show thanks to the pilot and crew and allow us to keep doing events like this they are welcome to make a donation to us and it will be distributed to the pilot and crew.

Educational Demonstration

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