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Balloon Weddings

Weddings Ceremony 

A Hot Air balloon is a fantastic way to have a wedding ceremony. This page will provide some helpful information and guidance about your special flight. We have a few pilots that are Florida Notaries and a photographer that is a clergy. In Florida, a Notary and perform your wedding ceremony (click here for details.)

When to have the Ceremony

You have a few options on when to get married.

  • On the ground before the balloon takes off

  • In the Air

  • After we land and the landing site

  • During the artisan's picnic is included with the Romantic packages.


Please note that if you get married in the air, your friends or family might be in one of our other balloons or on the ground and unable to hear the ceremony. 


Please ensure you have all the proper paperwork (marriage certificate & proper identification the morning of your flight.    

Larger wedding groups 
We can carry up to 18-26 guests in multiple balloons with advanced notice. The cost of the package includes everything for two guests. Each additional guest would be the cost of the shared basket flight + 20$ for the picnic. Please contact us before booking if you plan to have a larger group. 407-900-1003

Flight options due to weather 

Please Click here to see Backup options if the weather doesn't allow for a flight.

Important details about hot air balloons.

1. Your wedding ceremony is included in our Romantic Packages. These packages included everything from the private flight to a complete picnic (Picnic Pictures) with a professional photographer (all the photos are included with the package)   

2. PLEASE tell us when booking under special requests if you are planning a wedding ceremony or call us at 407-900-1003.

3. Please have sensible shoes. We will be in a field before sunrise, so close-toed shoes are recommended but not required.

4. If you're wearing a long wedding dress know that we are in the middle of the field for takeoff, and landing in it may get dirty/ripped.

5. Our flights are around 1hr in length, but you will be with us for 3hr from pickup to drop off back at your car.  


6. We can bring out multiple balloons if you want additional people to fly. This will be at the cost of a private flight for each additional balloon.

7. This is the ceremony script (click here) that your pilot will follow for your wedding. Please let us know what teams you would like used and if you would like to customize and portion the script. Email us at
If you have any other questions, you can text/call 407-900-1003

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