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What to Expect

join our balloon crew

Crew info

Our balloon crew is essential to our flight operations. When we get to the launch field, the crew and the pilot unload the equipment from the trailer and begin preparing the balloon for inflation. We have to lift some equipment and move the gear around. During the inflation, the crew assists the pilot with rigging and bringing the balloon to a standing position like you usually used to see. Once the balloon takes off, the crew will load and secure the trailer. They will now begin chasing the balloon. Balloon chasing is the process of following the balloon to a landing site. Our leading site changes daily, so we don't know where to go. The pilots and radio will communicate with the crew and update them on potential landing sites. The balloons also have GPS trackers to assist with locating the balloon when it lands before the chase car can get there.



  • Load/Unload equipment

  • Lift 50-60lb together

  • Drive a car or van with a 6x12 trailer



We are out for about 3 hrs

  • 20min drive out of the launch field

  • 30min setup and take off

  • 1hr chasing - driving and waiting at the landing field approximately 8 miles away

    • 0- 50min or until landing

  • 30min Packup and take off

  • 20min drive back to the pickup area 

At this point, you're free to go. We usually have a light breakfast and drink celebration with passengers, but you are not required to stick around. 

Meeting spot 
We only fly once a day ( always weather depending) and meet before sunrise at the pickup location in the Panera Bread parking lot at 8190 Laura Ln, Davenport, FL 33896. 
We meet passengers 1 before sunrise; the crew reports 15 minutes before the passengers.
Our meeting time changes throughout the year depending on the sunrise. In general, or crewmate one 1hr and 15 minutes before sunrise on a given day.   

The Night before the flight 

The pilot will monitor the winds and check the weather by 7:30. Pm the night before the flight. You will receive a "GREEN LIGHT" OR "CANCELLATION" text by 7:30 PM. If you don't receive a green light, please call us at 407-900-1003.  

The Morning of the flight

Before driving to the pickup site, please check for a text message just in case we have to cancel overnight. This occasionally does happen, especially with FOG.



You will see multiple Red trailers when you arrive at the pickup location (8190 Laura Ln, Davenport, FL 33896 - Panera Bread parking lot). Please park at the end of the Panera parking lot in the BLUE area below.  


The 7/11 gas station will be your final bathroom break. 

IMPORTANT NOTE - Please arrive at the crew pickup time if you are late or don't show our passengers may not get to fly. 

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