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Air Hound Adventures

Romantic Packages

With our Romanic package, you will receive a one-of-a-kind experience. Your package will include a private balloon ride where you will have the whole basket to yourselves. You will receive our complimentary deluxe mimosa champagne package with a souvenir champagne bottle, souvenir balloon cup, & flight certificate. You will also get to choose between our "Tier 1" OR "Tier 2" below


Surprise engagements(click here)
Wedding ceremony (click here)

The Tier 1 package is our most extravagant package and includes BOTH the

Artisan Picnic AND Professional Photography package



The Tier 2 package you get to choose between 

Artisan Picnic OR Professional Photography package NOT both.

Marble Surface

Artisan Picnic

After your private hot Air balloon flight we will transport you water side for a one-of-a-kind celebration. A light artisan picnic breakfast. This package includes

  • Red Roses (to take with you)

  • Chocolate dipped strawberries 

  • Deluxe mimosa champagne package with souvenir champagne bottle

  • Time Lapse Video

  • Photos from the air and ground 

  • Balloon cup (souvenir)

  • Champagne Bottle (souvenir)

  • Flight certificate (souvenir)

  • Balloon Pin (souvenir)

  • Light Artisan Picnic

    • Blanket,Pillows,Floral Centerpiece,Candles

    • Mimosa mix ins

    • Deluxe Charcuterie Board

    • Fresh Breads

    • Seasonal Fruit + Vegetable

    • Assortment of Pastries & Cookies​

​Please (Click here) to see photos of past picnics.


The picnic is customizable so if your flight party has any special requests please reply to the picnic questionnaire​ email you will receive after booking your flight.

Marble Surface

​Professional Photography

With the photography package the photographer will be with you all morning from the time we set the balloon up till the time we return you back to your car.

  • You will have the option to have the photographer fly with you in the balloon (highly recommend) or take photos from the ground.

  • If this is a surprise engagement, we recommend reading this page (Click here) for important details on capturing the surprise engagement.


Call/text us for additional availability

 Text/Call (407) 900-1003 

There is a $125.00 nonrefundable fee in the event of cancellation due to bad weather.  Your flight will be rescheduled for the next available safe flight day. If you decide to cancel the entire package rather than reschedule the $125.00 fee would apply. 

Picnic SEtup

Picnic Photo
Hot Air Balloon Flight

Flight Details 

All flights are between 45 minutes to an 1hr 15 min in duration, and are always dependent on weather and wind. If we are not able to fly on your chosen day, your flight will be rescheduled. If rescheduling doesn't work, we will issue a FULL refund. To get an idea of your 3 hrs 30 min experience check out our "What to Expect" this will breakdown the day before and the day of your flight 

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