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Private tether flight 



Our Normal adventure is 3hr from when we pick you up until we drop you back off at your car. This includes 1hr of flight time. This can be too much time for some guests. We have created a short tether experience. We are still weather dependent and will only operate if it's safe. We will meet you at our pickup site and head to one of our take-off fields isolated by trees to help with the winds. The ground winds behind the trees are Normally less and will allow us to do a tether experience. 

A balloon tether ride is where the balloon is secured to the ground, generally attached to three or four tie-offs. The balloon will take passengers up between 30’ to 60’ depending on the weather conditions and location, and the balloon stays up for about 3 to 5 minutes before coming back down and landing. Then we will swap the next set of passengers and go back up. We continue to perform tethered rides for the duration of the experience (30 minutes and a maximum of 15 people).



Please contact us if you are interested in booking this experience.


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