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Flight Backup options

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Flight Backup options due to weather cancellation 

While we want to help you celebrate your wedding ceremony, we will ONLY fly if it is safe, and the flight can get canceled until the time of take-off if it's not safe. We will NEVER compromise safety for profit.  

Hot air balloon rides are VERY WEATHER dependent. We have a few options if you must have your ceremony on a specific day.

Normal Flight

Your flight will continue as planned, and we can perform your ceremony anytime. This is our ideal option so that everything can go as planned. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather, so we have provided three additional options.

Backup Options 1

Cancellation due to weather. We can reschedule for a different day.

  • If this is a wedding ceremony, please note that some county marriage certificates have an expiration date, and you would want to reschedule before it expires. 


Backup Options 2

Cancellation due to weather. We can head to one of our take-off fields isolated by trees to help with the winds. If the lower winds are still within operating limits from the ground 0' up to - 200', we may be able to switch your experience to a Private Tether flight (CLICK HERE) NOTE:  THE BALLOON WILL NOT FLY AWAY. This is a backup option if this is the only day you can do the surprise engagement/wedding. 

If the winds don't allow it, we can still set up the basket and burner so you can get photos and perform the engagement OR ceremony. We will even let you try the burners. Click here for a picture example.


After the ceremony, we can take you to the artisan picnic. Depending on the time, we will try and arrange it in the same field we are currently in. This way, you can get engaged/married on your selected day, and we can reschedule your flight for a different day. There is still a possibility that ground winds at our isolated site are quicker than we can safely inflate the balloon.
(Click here) for an example of what we will NOT do.  

Backup Options 3 

  • Weddings only NO Balloon

Cancellation due to weather, and we cannot set the balloon up. If you are staying the night near, your pilot can meet you and perform the ceremony. Please ensure you've identified an area where you'd like to perform the ceremony. This will ensure you can get married on the selected day and submit your marriage certificate. We can reschedule the whole package or just the flight. Refunds can be made accordingly to reflect any modifications.  

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