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HoT air balloon Candle Stick 



While having a hot air balloon at your event is a great way for guests to see a balloon, Sometimes the weather doesn't allow us to put up the balloon. The candle option is used as a backup in case the weather is less than favorable for hot air balloons. The most common reason we can't set up the balloon is due to high-ground winds. One alternative is to have a candle stick. This is where we set up the basket and burner (NO Balloon Fabric) and allow guests to climb in the basket with one of our pilots and try out the burner. The Picture above is an example of a balloon candle stick. We recognize this is not as amazing of an experience as having the balloon inflated, but we take safety as our top priority. We will only inflate the balloon if it's safe to do so. 

Weather conditions

Hot air balloons can only be operated safely in certain weather conditions. AirHound Adventures has sole and absolute discretion to determine whether conditions allow for safe operations of the balloons.  AirHound Adventures may at any time cancels the balloon event if weather conditions are unsafe.  The balloons will not inflate in winds greater than six (6) miles per hour on the ground. The pilot has the final determination if operating the balloon is safe.  While the ground winds might look safe and our balloons stand over 100’ tall. Our pilot has to ensure the winds are safe from the ground up to 250’ high.

Weather Dependent

Our team will monitor the weather the week leading up to the event. We will contact the client at least 24 hours before the event. During this call, we will provide the current weather forecast from the weather station nearest to the venue. On this call, we will finalize whether the event should continue as planned or should be rescheduled/canceled. We fly balloons seven days a week, and we monitor the weather constantly, so our recommendation and our experience reading the weather usually is a good indication of what you can expect for the event. There is also a possibility that the weather looks great on the forecast, but when we show up to the venue and test the winds if they are out of safe operating limits, we will NOT inflate the balloons.

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