How do I book a Hot Air Balloon Ride?

 Navigate to the Prices tab and click the book button!

Will I neeD to sign a waiver? 

Yes, each person in the party will be required to sign a liability waiver.

Will I neeD to provide my weight?

Each member of your flying party will need to provide their accurate weight. This is used to calculate the weight that will need to be lifted by the balloon. 

How long are flights? 

On average flights range from 45 to 60 minutes. Flight times depend wind speeds and direction, the passenger combined weight, the temperature of the air and when the pilot finds a suitable landing field.


What time of day do the flights take place? 

Flights take place just after sunrise. In Florida, it is unsafe to fly later in the day due to thermal activity, which makes winds change rapidly. 

What type of clothing should we wear? 

Wear something comfortable! You will be climbing into the basket, and may be asked to assist with set up and/or packing up, plus sometimes the landing area is a walk from the road, so dress accordingly. Close toed shoes are required. We do not fly high enough for a change in temperature so plan to dress for the temperature of the day.


What type of weather conditions are needed to fly? 

Hot Air Balloon passenger flights take place in winds less than 6 MPH, with no rain or approaching storms within 75 miles. Flights also require visibility of at least 3 miles sideways and at least 3000 feet up.

Can I bring my camera and binoculars? 

Absolutely! Make sure your phone or camera is fully charged. We recommend some sort of strap to keep your device safely in the basket. 

No need to worry about temperature changes, it is the same temperature on the ground as it is in the air. The temperature only begins to drop when we begin to fly very high.

How big is the hot air balloon? 

AirHound Adventures boasts 3 balloons; one is 54,000 cubic feet and one is 88,000 cubic feet; one is 105,000 cubic feet

What makes the hot air balloon rise? 

Hot Air! A high-powered propane burner ignites and heats liquid propane that is aimed into the balloon to make it rise. The burner create 15 million BTU's of heat. In comparison, an average home barbecue generates 15,000 BTU's. Each flight uses approximately 15 gallons of propane.

How fast/Far do you fly? 

The balloon travels the same speed as the wind. An average flight is approximately 7 miles in length.

How high do you fly? 

The height of passenger flights range anywhere from treetops up to 3000 feet.

How do you steer the balloon? 

Hot Air Balloons cannot be steered like a plane or helicopter. Balloons travel only in the direction of the wind. There may be different wind directions at different altitudes that the pilot may use to maneuver the balloon. Our chase crew follows the balloon to its landing place and retrieves the balloon and passengers and returns them to their vehicles.

What happens if my chosen date has poor weather? 

Since ballooning is weather-dependent we have to cancel your flight if conditions are not safe. If your flight is canceled, we will call you to figure out another date that suits your schedule. Your flight will be rescheduled as many times as needed to ensure a safe flight. 

What can cause a cancellation of a flight?

Safety of the passengers, crew, and equipment is of utmost priority, and so flights will sometimes have to be cancelled.  Weather conditions, equipment malfunction or pilot injury/illness may cause cancellations. If your flight is cancelled, we will call you to reschedule for another date.

Can anyone fly the balloon? 

To fly a hot air balloon you must be a licensed balloon pilot, and must hold a commercial license to fly passengers for pay. Balloon pilots go through extensive training including ground school, written exams, and hands-on training. Balloon pilots are also encouraged to attend safety seminars annually.


What is the balloon made of? 

Balloons are made from rip-stop nylon, much like a winter ski jacket. Balloons are also coated in a special chemical to help them resist heat and last longer. Balloons have an average life expectancy of 300 hours of use. Balloons are required to be tested annually by a licensed repair station per the Balloon manufacture and FAA.

How much does a hot air balloon cost? 

An average hot air balloon, including the basket and all needed equipment will cost approximately $30,000.00.


Is there a weight limits? 

Each passenger will need to provide their accurate weight. Any passenger individually over 350 pounds needs to contact us before booking.

Who makes hot air balloons? 

Hot air balloons are made by a small group of select manufacturers around the world. The largest manufacturers of balloons can be found in England, The United States, and Spain.

Will my child like the balloon ride? 

Children should be 5 or 6 but we leave it up to the parents. The child can’t be held up to see over the side of the basket. We have multiple basket sizes but the side of the basket rang between 40-52” tall. If a child can sit through an hour and a half long movie then they will enjoy the balloon ride, if not they get bored about 10 minutes and then start playing with things and then the parents have to focus-on them and they both stopped enjoying the flight.

How do I fill out my waiver

Please Click Here for instructions on completing your waiver. 

What is the timeline for the 3hrs 30min experience? 

15-20 min Drive from the pickup site to the launch field 

20-30 min Unload and setup the balloon 

45min - 1hr15min Balloon flight 
25 min Balloon pack-up
20 min Drive back to the pickup site

0-30 min Champaign celebration with light gourmet snacks
The extra 25 min if in the events of unexpected circumstances