5+ Passenger flights

We have up to 5 different balloons that we can fly on any given day. Each balloon is a different size and can carry between 2 - 6 Passengers depending on total weight of all passengers in a given fly party. If you have a group of 5 or more we will have to split you between multiple balloons. All of our balloons will take off right next to each other and we try to land next to each other. This is all wind dependent if we land together. After the flight your crew will get the balloon packed up and we will go back near our meeting location and have  Champagne/Sparkling cider with light gourmet snacks. Each balloon will have a timelapse video that is complementary for all passenger. 

Since we don't know how many balloons we will need for your flight party we require you to contact us and provide each passenger accurate weight.

You can text us at 407-900-1003 or email us at info@airhoundfl.com and include the following information.

  • Your name,

  • The number of people in your flight party,

  • A list of all passengers accurate example weights (150,180,140,260,200,.....)

  • Your preferred day to fly.

  • Since this might require multiple balloons and we book out 3 weeks ahead of time if you want to provide the length of your trip we will try to accommodate the best we can based on balloon & pilot availability.

  • The cost is $250.00 per passenger, and that is all fees and taxes included. Some other experiences in FL charge up-to 14% on top of your booking. At AirHound Adventures we include all the fees and taxes in the cost. 

Hot air balloon rides are VERY WEATHER dependent. We will not know if it is safe to fly until the night before your flight.  Please click here to read the What To Expect. This page will break down how the day before and the day of your flight will go.   


If you have any other questions you can call/text 407-900-1003