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 Hot air balloon GLOW event 



Hot air balloon Glow events are a great way for guests to experience the sights without climbing in the basket. Hot air balloons are still weather dependent and will only inflate if it's safe. With a static glow event, we can bring out multiple balloons depending on how significant your event is and how large of an area you have for the balloons, along with your budget. We will bring out the balloon and start inflating it just before sunset, and with the fire from the burner, we will make the balloons glow and light up the night sky. With a static display, the balloons will not leave the ground, and guests are welcome to come up and ask questions and see the internal workings of the hot air balloon. CLICK HERE to see an example video of one of our GLOW events

The hourly rate is $1,200.00 per balloon per hour. There is a MINIMUM of ONE hour for glow events. Additional time can still be booked at the same hourly rate. A deposit of $800.00 per balloon is due with the contract signed and returned. We will create a formal contract you will review and return to us before booking the event. The Final Payment is due (7) days before the event start time.

Please see the section below, "Weather Decision" If we determine it is not safe to fly and we do not travel to the venue, you have the ability to get a FULL refund.


For a 1hr event with 1 balloon, the cost would be $1,300, and depending on the distance, they maybe are additional charges for travel.

Additional Travel Cost

For events that are further than 30 miles from our normal operating area (8190 Laura Ln, Davenport, FL 33896), In addition to the hourly rate for the balloon, there is a Travel Cost of $475.00 per balloon per day + $.50 per mile to and from the venue.


Site Visit

Depending on the venue, we may arrange a site visit. This will allow us to inspect the proposed balloon tether area. If we cannot travel to the site, we may opt for a video call where you can still show the site.  


Weather conditions

Hot air balloons can only be operated safely in certain weather conditions. AirHound Adventures has sole and absolute discretion to determine whether conditions allow for safe operations of the balloons.  AirHound Adventures may at any time cancels the balloon event if weather conditions are unsafe.  The balloons will not inflate in winds greater than six (6) miles per hour on the ground. The pilot has the final determination if operating the balloon is safe.  While the ground winds might look safe and our balloons stand over 100’ tall. Our pilot has to ensure the winds are safe from the ground up to 250’ high.

Weather Dependent

Our team will monitor the weather the week leading up to the event. We will contact the client at least 24 hours before the event. During this call, we will provide the current weather forecast from the weather station nearest to the venue. On this call, we will finalize whether the event should continue as planned or should be rescheduled/canceled. We fly balloons seven days a week, and we monitor the weather constantly, so our recommendation and our experience reading the weather usually is a good indication of what you can expect for the event. There is also a possibility that the weather looks great on the forecast, but when we show up to the venue and test the winds if they are out of safe operating limits, we will NOT inflate the balloons.


weather decision

If our team determines that the weather doesn’t appear to inflate the balloons safely, we will inform the client.

 The client will have two options

  1.  Cancel the event.

    • If we have informed you that the weather does not look safe, you can choose to cancel the event, and you will receive a FULL refund.

  2. Continue with the event.

    • Our team will show up with the balloons, and we will see if the weather allows us to complete the tether event.

    • Florida weather can change, and the event might still be possible. A $800 fee per balloon per hr isn’t refundable if the client chooses this option. If we arrive and can’t inflate because of the weather, we can still set up the basket and burner to let your guest take pictures and try the burner ONLY if the weather allows. Our pilots have the sole discretion if it would be safe to do this option.

    • The basket and balloon will not be set up if it rains or winds over our safe limits. 
      NOTE the $750 per hr + travel cost will be NON-refundable if the client chooses this option.
      For example,

      • If the client chooses a weather hold for 1 hour would cost $800 per balloon.

      • If the client chooses a weather hold for 2 hours would cost $1,600 per balloon.



After the balloon has inflated, the client shall not be entitled to a refund of any portion of the payment price or the additional Travel Cost. AirHound Adventures will keep the balloon standing during the event pending any weather concerns. If our pilot determines it is unsafe to continue, the balloons will be deflated, and the event shall be suspended for up to one (1) hour.  If the weather conditions do not become safe within one (1) hour, the event will be canceled, and no refund will be given. 


If the Hot Air Balloon is weathered out, The Hot Air Balloon team will be entitled to expenses of $800 per balloon.

Balloon tether area.

Each balloon(s) will need an area of no less than 150 feet by (150) feet per balloon.  The areas must be clear of all power lines, trees, and other obstructions.  If you are unsure if an area is large enough, please email us with the address and the proposed area, and we will contact you to discuss options. Our email is


Time and Date

In Florida, we perform tether events after sunrise or after sunset. It is too hot during the middle of the day, and the winds can be uncooperative. The event is always weather dependent, but if you have a specific time you would like to hold the event, please reach out to us to discuss. Our direct number is 407-900-1003


Ready to BOOK

For questions about any of our balloon events please call us at 407-900-1003

Glow Video
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