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How to fill out your waiver

Waiver process  

This activity requires everyone to sign a waiver in order to participate. In your confirmation email, under the section "Waivers" you will see a LINK: "Insurance Waiver"

Waiver Steps 

  1. Click on the link in your confirmation email 

  2. Click on "Your Name" OR "Friends of Your Name"

  3. If signing for a minor, click "Add Minor" or "Dependent."

  4. Signers Full name & Email address (if the continue box does not light up, please retype your name)

  5. Click "Continue"

  6. Read the waiver and sign at the bottom 

  7. The confirmation page will display. Thank you, "Your Name."

  8. Does anyone else need to sign a waiver?

Copy the link and send it to others in your flight party to complete the waiver. 

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