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Hot Air balloon flights

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Non Private 

With the "Non-private"  flights you may have 2 - 4 other people in the basket with you. Our balloons can hold between 2 - 7 passenger  in each basket weight depending 

$250 Per Passanger

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Private Flight for 2

With the Private VIP flight you will have the pilot and the entire balloon basket to yourself for this special adventure. The flight includes a timelapse video and after the flight we will have a Champagne/Sparkling cider celebration that includes light gourmet snacks.

$750 for 2 Passanger

$1000 for 3 Passanger


Flight Details 

All flights are between 45 minutes to an 1hr 15 min in duration, and are always dependent on weather and wind. If we are not able to fly on your chosen day, your flight will be rescheduled. If rescheduling doesn't work, we will issue a FULL refund. To get an idea of your 3 hrs 30 min experience check out our "What to Expect" this will breakdown the day before and the day of your flight 

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