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Digitool Mount

(Free Shipping within the US)

       How many gadgets do you use during flight? I use a radio, a smartphone, my flight instruments, and a 360 camera. One day on I saw a thread discussing mounts for an ipad and there was overwhelming support for the RAM Mount ( There was not a good way to mount my Digitool with the RAM mounting system, so I created my own 3d printed model. I made sure the design had no sharp corners that could snag fabric, and that the alarms could still sound clearly. At this point I had a model that I liked, so I moved onto the stress testing phase. I didn't want an expensive piece of equipment breaking during a hard landing.


         My first model broke easily, I tried 100% infill and that model still broke with a bit of force. As a temporary workaround I added a steel tether lanyard under one of the mounting screws and hooked the other end to the RAM mount so in the event it did break I would not lose the Digitool.

After some more tweaks and a lot of trial and error I found a print method that I could not break and that I would feel confident in using without a tether. My final model has a pleasing aesthetic and can withstand enough force to be safely used without fear of losing or damaging your equipment.


I have had several local pilots beta test the mount and the feedback has been positive and none of the mounts have broken. Interested? Use the link above to order your own! My inbox is open if you want to bounce ideas for your ideal set-up, or if you have an idea for a 3D print that would make ballooning smoother.

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