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What to Expect

Your FLight is a GO

Flight info

We only fly once a day ( always weather depending) and meet before sunrise at the pickup location in the Panera Bread parking lot at 8190 Laura Ln, Davenport, FL 33896. Please see the map below for where to park. Safety is a top priority, and balloon rides can be canceled anytime if the conditions are unfavorable. Everyone at the party is required to wear closed-toed shoes. The entire experience will last about 3.5 hours from when we pick you up to when we return you to your vehicle.

PARTY size

We can accommodate up to 2-7 passengers depending on total body weight. If you would like to fly with more passengers, please get in touch with us to discuss options for flying with a large group.

The Day before the flight 

Safety is our top priority; the balloon ride can be canceled at any time due to unsafe weather conditions. Your pilot will monitor the winds on the surface and up to 3000 feet in the air. We will check the weather at 7:30. Pm the night before the flight. Your pilot will email you confirmation that the flight is a go or advise you that we need to reschedule. The email will come from  Airhound Adventures <> We only fly at sunrise, and sunrise changes throughout the year, so your pickup time can vary between 0 to 30 minutes from your original reservation time.  


The Morning of your flight

One hour before our meeting time, the pilot will verify that the weather readings are within safe operating limits. If we need to cancel, the pilot will send you an email and text letting you know we need to reschedule. If you are traveling more than one hour away, please let us know at the time of booking. 

IMPORTANT NOTE - Please arrive at the meeting time and allow for traffic and final bathroom breaks. We only fly once daily at sunrise; if we are late from the pick-up site, we might have to cancel your flight. If you don't show up or are late for your scheduled flight, we cannot book other passengers on this day so that the cancellation fee will be applied. The cancellation policy could be the FULL amount of your flight. No-show will result in a forfeiture of your entire flight fee or voucher.  


You will see multiple Red trailers when you arrive at the pickup location (8190 Laura Ln, Davenport, FL 33896 - Panera Bread parking lot). Please park at the end of the Panera parking lot in the BLUE area below.  Park and lock your vehicles and walk over to the green area on the map below. We will be standing outside. Ask for "Air Hound Adventures" or "Max," and we will sync you up with your pilot. Each participant must sign an “Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability.” Your vehicle will remain at Panera, and you will ride in the chase car until we return after the flight.  Please refer to the map below.


The 7/11 gas station will be your final bathroom break. 

IMPORTANT NOTE - Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled departure time, so you don't miss your balloon flight 

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 2.02.48 PM.png
Departing for the launch field  

During inflation, your pilot or crew may ask for assistance preparing the balloon for inflation. Once the balloon is inflated and ready, the pilot will instruct you to board and provide safety guidelines during the flight. Flights last around one hour, depending on wind and weather. Once we land, you may be asked to help pack the balloon away.


After the Flight

After the flight, we will have a celebration that includes champagne and treats. If you have any dietary restrictions (for example, Gluten, Citrus/Peanut Allergies/Poultry), please let us know at booking.

If you have additional questions, please review the FAQ or contact us.

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